A survey of the latest offerings from mixer truck-mounted conveyors. ROTABELT  Manufacturer credits the quality components and strong industrial experience behind its namesake mixer truck-mounted conveyor series as key to ensuring producers “profitability, performance and reliability while delivering concrete on site.” RotaBELT models reach from 42 feet to 57 feet with standard, single telescopic, double telescopic, or the Rotating Chute—the…

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How the Pandemic Changed Ready-Mix: A Look Back

BY VICTORIA K. SICARAS Although not completely on the other side of the pandemic, we each have our own set of lessons learned since March 2020. Like many in the ready-mix industry, the Martin Marietta Rocky Mountain Ready Mix District’s journey to a new normal began when office employees faced a transition from working on premises to working at home, virtually…

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Congressman, Mayor Recognize The Energy Ozinga Brings Northern Indiana

Compressed natural gas is sold and taxed in gasoline or diesel gallon equivalent units.

In a weekly address airing November 16, President Obama cited the country’s gains toward energy independence, through increased oil and natural gas production, plus solar and wind power ramp up, concluding: “More good jobs. Cheaper and cleaner sources of energy. A secure energy future. Thanks to the grit and resilience of American businesses and the American people, that’s where we’re heading.”

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