Cummins schedules 2026 launch of X10 engine, L9 and X12 successor

Sources: Cummins Inc., Columbus, Ind.; CP staff Cummins’ next fuel-agnostic engine series model will debut three years from now in a diesel version compliant with Environmental Protection Agency 2027 NOx emissions guidelines for heavy-duty truck power. The X10 is presented as “uniquely positioned to replace both the L9 and the X12 with the versatility to serve both medium and heavy-duty…

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Congressman, Mayor Recognize The Energy Ozinga Brings Northern Indiana

Compressed natural gas is sold and taxed in gasoline or diesel gallon equivalent units.

In a weekly address airing November 16, President Obama cited the country’s gains toward energy independence, through increased oil and natural gas production, plus solar and wind power ramp up, concluding: “More good jobs. Cheaper and cleaner sources of energy. A secure energy future. Thanks to the grit and resilience of American businesses and the American people, that’s where we’re heading.”

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