Rockin’ views


Sound Hotel Belltown, Tapestry Collection by Hilton, is woven into the fabric of a vibrant, centrally located Seattle neighborhood. It occupies the first 10 floors of the new 42-story, Arrivé tower, one of the market’s first mixed-use properties. The structure has requisite reinforced concrete construction, including exposed columns whose smooth finishes suggest self-consolidating mixes.

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Trailer gear lubrication

True Lube Landing Gear Grease is formulated specifically for Holland equipment to maintain the optimized performance through: wide operating temperature range, 40°F to 150°F, ensuring crank operation; high formula stability, providing consistently smooth operation; corrosion and oxidation protection; oil bleed control, reducing oil leaks and preventing grease hardening; salt water resistance enabling lasting service in harsh coastal environments; anti-wear and load carrying properties to curtail gear and screw damage under heavy loads; and, high-tech formula for optimal efficiency.

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Portable air compressor

250 i

A single-stage, oil-injected, rotary screw portable compressor, the CPS 250 features cognitive electronics (PACE) technology with which the operator can control machine pressure. The new intuitive XC2003 controller is coupled with PACE functionality and adjusts the pressure in 2-psi increments. The operator can also toggle between two predefined set points. In addition to the new controller, product engineers increased the operating range of the compressor in the 100-150 psi range, making the machine more versatile and user friendly.

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Revolution pump boom reaches new maneuverability, speed benchmarks

New boom technology holds the potential to take the concrete pumping business to new levels, Schwing America contends. The Revolution boom on the S 36 X truck-mounted concrete pump offers what company engineers note are unmatched maneuverability and speed, with continuous 360-degree articulation of the tip section and 330-degrees of third section articulation. Hydraulic motors replace the last two cylinders of the four-section boom to provide the additional coverage.

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Emergency equipment shut off

The Model PC is a rugged safety stop control, actuated by a pull cord and providing a quick positive shut off of conveyors and other powered plant equipment. The device’s one or two microswitch outputs can control up to two separate circuits, depending on the model chosen, and include one for machinery shutdown, one for alarm. The Model PC was developed to meet stringent safety agency requirements throughout the world.

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Fork positioning, mast rework raise lift truck operator visibility

Hyster i

The Hyster H190-360HD2 series, with four models in the 19,000- to 36,000-lb. capacity range, features a recently redesigned mast and carriage. Lift chains and the mast inner channel have been modified to create a wider window through the carriage, providing greater visibility of fork tips at ground level and trailer height. The mast is also mounted closer to the truck, allowing for a higher load capacity without a longer or heavier chassis.

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Self-propelling vibratory beam screed plays finishing fast and safe

Screed i

Introduced at the 2019 Precast Show, the Motoscreed is available in 6-, 8-, 12- and 18-ft. wide sizes, each built on a 6-in. wide, 4-in. high aluminum beam. The device spreads, levels, finishes and vibrates conventional, high slump and self-consolidating concrete mixes, while also self-propelling along architectural or structural product form rails.

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Stubbe’s Precast warms to lean sandwich panel insulation

Stubbes iic

After years of promoting it in European construction markets, Ireland’s Kingspan Group brought the Kooltherm K20 Concrete Sandwich Board for tilt-up and precast walls to North America in 2017, citing its potential to provide higher performance in thinner cross sections than prior insulating materials. The product is available in a standard size, approximately 48 x 90 in., or custom lengths, and thicknesses of about 2 to 4 inches, netting up to 35 R-value.

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