Grade ring battery form

The three-piece Horizontal Grade Ring Battery Form with Rollback Core, unveiled at the 2019 Precast Show, can be customized to individual plant requirements. Production efficiency is achieved as rings of multiple grade widths can be cast in a single pour.

Designed by Besser Co. engineers, the unique roll-back core stand and base pedestal facilitates stripping the core from the form. The collapsible core is placed atop a wheel-mounted core stand or base, so it can be easily rolled in and out of the form for product setup and stripping. The process saves both time and labor, since only the product—not the form—is handled. It also eliminates the need for a forklift, as one production employee can accomplish the simple operation.

Grade Ring forms are available in diameters from 24-48 in. to suit specific market requirements. Form length typically ranges from 72–120 in., depending upon the quantity and width of rings being produced. Custom form lengths are also available. Besser Co., Alpena, Mich., 989/354-1000;