Fork positioning, mast rework raise lift truck operator visibility

The Hyster H190-360HD2 series, with four models in the 19,000- to 36,000-lb. capacity range, features a recently redesigned mast and carriage. Lift chains and the mast inner channel have been modified to create a wider window through the carriage, providing greater visibility of fork tips at ground level and trailer height. The mast is also mounted closer to the truck, allowing for a higher load capacity without a longer or heavier chassis.

Hyster ii

Other key mast features upgraded from prior truck series include a variable lap design for longer roller and bearing life; enlarged chain sheaves; maintenance-free, full-complement bearings; and, reduced overall lowered mast height to improve flexibility in operation and transport. Streamlining of the dual-function, sideshift fork positioning carriage offers productivity enhancements—a reduction in lost load, simultaneous and individual fork positioning, quick disconnect forks, and minimized visual obstruction among them.

The H190-360HD2 series is designed with the service technician in mind, product engineers contend: Gull-wing hoods afford quick access to key components. A tilting cab provides easy access to hydraulic components in seconds. Galvanized, broad, slip-resistant running boards foster quick daily checks, while a large access bay enables easy radiator cleaning. Sealed connectors resist contaminants, keeping electrical systems up and running. Optional wet disc brakes are sealed, preventing contamination, virtually eliminating brake maintenance, and reducing operating costs. — Hyster Co., Greenville, N.C.;