Self-propelling vibratory beam screed plays finishing fast and safe

Introduced at the 2019 Precast Show, the Motoscreed is available in 6-, 8-, 12- and 18-ft. wide sizes, each built on a 6-in. wide, 4-in. high aluminum beam. The device spreads, levels, finishes and vibrates conventional, high slump and self-consolidating concrete mixes, while also self-propelling along architectural or structural product form rails.

Screed ii

Screed iii

The Motoscreed is equipped with dual 115VAC vibratory motors producing a downward centrifugal force up to 1,320 lb./ft. at 3,600 vibrations per minute. They effectively surface finish and consolidate mixes at 12- to 18-in. depths. The motors also generate a rectilinear motion to power the self-propelling feature, which along with speed and productivity offers the added benefit of safer operation compared to manual screeds. The self-propelling action easily guides the Motoscreed and frees operators from the pulling, pushing, and holding motions typical of manual power models. When combined with adequate centrifugal forces, the self-propelling feature allows the screed to be moved more rapidly down the form to prevent too much paste or coarse aggregate being brought to the surface in respective normal weight and lightweight mixes.

Other Motoscreed features include isolated control arms with 16 molded rubber mounts to reduce vibration transfer; they protect workers from hand/arm vibration syndrome, a nerve disorder with the potential to become disabling. Hand grips have vibration-dampening wraps to curtail muscle and joint injuries.

Twin 115 VAC HD vibrators are speed and force synchronized, and rigidly mounted in a forward-balanced plane to impart a linear force that optimizes leveling, consolidating and finishing—along with powering the self-propelling feature. Motoscreed is manufactured by Workmaster, 866/476-9217, and distributed by Airmatic Inc., 800/332-9770, both of Malvern, Pa.;,