12K-17K lift trucks

A sit-down, counterbalanced, pneumatic tire lift truck for indoor and outdoor use, the H120FT has a 12,000-lb. capacity and is well suited to manufactured concrete loading and unloading. The model affords versatility and performance: Three engine configurations and a host of transmission options to customize each powertrain maximize productivity and fuel economy for specific applications while keeping maintenance costs low. Optimized step height, non-slip tread and adjustable steer column in an ergonomic compartment contribute to operator comfort throughout a shift.

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Hyster advances ergonomics, controls in new Big Truck series cabs

Engineers have packed a new cabin and control system for the company’s Big Truck range—H190-360XD, H360XD36 and H360XD48 models—with productivity-enhancing features in an efficient, cockpit-style design that positions all vehicle information and function levers within easy reach. The new cab prioritizes ergonomics, starting with a door whose width and generous height afford easy entry and exit. An industry exclusive lateral seat slider allows operators to find the ideal working position and make room to accommodate an extra seat for trainers. An adjustable steer column uses a unique foot pedal design that allows operators to keep hands on the wheel while finding the right position.

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Fork positioning, mast rework raise lift truck operator visibility

Hyster i

The Hyster H190-360HD2 series, with four models in the 19,000- to 36,000-lb. capacity range, features a recently redesigned mast and carriage. Lift chains and the mast inner channel have been modified to create a wider window through the carriage, providing greater visibility of fork tips at ground level and trailer height. The mast is also mounted closer to the truck, allowing for a higher load capacity without a longer or heavier chassis.

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Smaller displacement Tier 4 engine matches Tier 3 power in heavy duty lift trucks

Sources: Hyster Co., Greenville, N.C.; CP staff

Hyster engineers’ disassembly and in-depth examination of a Tier 4 Cummins QSL9 engine—powering one of the manufacturer’s Big Trucks series forklifts for nearly 10,000 hours—revealed major components, fuel system, turbocharger and block to be in near-perfect condition after three years in a heavy duty application. The results suggest a Cummins Inc. Tier 4 package could complete 20,000 hours of operation before an engine overhaul may be needed, which is equal to the life-to-rebuild of the larger 11-liter QSM11 Tier 3 engine in a similar duty cycle.

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