Unit makers unite

A visit with ICPI-NCMA Chair-Elect Matt Lynch Next month’s Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute and National Concrete Masonry Association unification will spawn an organization anchored by segmental concrete producers across North America whose annual output measures upwards of 2 billion square feet of horizontal or vertical surfaces, enclosures, and load-bearing structures.  ICPI-NCMA will be poised as a new information, education and…

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Eco Material harvests ash, forges business and government alliances

Sources: Eco Material Technologies Inc., South Jordan, Utah; CP staff Since an early-2022 launch as Boral Resources and Green Cement successor, Eco Material Technologies has secured its core ASTM C618 fly ash marketing and distribution business, while moving quickly on new opportunities: Harvested coal combustion ash and high value supplementary cementitious material (SCM) processing. 

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BASF admixture extends CSH utility to increase early, late-age concrete strength

Sources: BASF Construction Chemicals, Admixture Systems, Cleveland; CP staff

BASF has announced a first-of-its-kind liquid admixture that improves early- and late-age strength development in concrete. Dosed at up to 10 oz./100 cwt, Master X-Seed 55 is a stable suspension of synthetically produced crystalline calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) nanoparticles that facilitate growth of CSH crystals between cement grains and improve overall portland cement hydration.

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