Lehigh White parent mills low-carbon white portland cement template

Sources: Cementir Group, Milan; CP staff

Aalborg Portland Cement A/S, a European sister operation of Florida-based Lehigh White Cement Co., has launched D-Carb, presenting it as the first white cement to match a lower carbon footprint with high early age performance characteristics. D-Carb processing with Aalbort White clinker, a premium limestone, and fit-for-purpose grinding aid equates to a 15 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions when measured against the producer’s traditional white cement offering. 

“As a leading white cement producer, the successful rollout of D-Carb is pivotal in advancing our ‘net zero emissions’ ambition,” says Cementir Chief Sales, Marketing & Commercial Director Michele Marino. “Embracing a customer-centric approach, the unveiling of this product is eagerly anticipated. D-Carb, integrating lower-carbon, high performance and unique aesthetic value underscores our resilience in facing challenges in our decarbonization efforts. We believe that DCarb will further support stakeholders in the value chain with lower carbon finished products aligned with sustainable building standards.”

“Performance and white color are key features of D-Carb, and exploring suitable raw materials and their combinations have been crucial in the product assessment,” adds Group Product Development Manager Stefano Zampaletta. “This has resulted in the accurate selection of pure, very light limestone from a stable source, improving and stabilizing whiteness. Additionally, leveraging limestone fineness and particle size distribution, D-Carb ensures enhanced and consistent rheology, ideal for wet-cast applications, such as self-consolidating concrete. These distinctive rheological properties allow for concrete finishes resembling marble surfaces. Moreover, the enhanced synergy and compatibility between cement and admixture cater to a wide range of white cement applications.” 

DCarb has debuted in Europe, home base of Aalborg Portland and Lehigh White parent Cementir, ahead of global distribution. Technical and other product details are posted here.