Xypex CEO offers full-throated view of industry’s bright future

The innovation behind the crystalline waterproofing technology synonymous with Vancouver, B.C.-based Xypex Chemical Corp. is featured in “Concrete Solutions Provided by Admixtures,” an Inside the Blueprint series episode airing this month on Bloomberg News and in syndication after. Producers explore how the technology works deep inside the concrete mass to create a permanent waterproof structure that resists extreme hydrostatic pressure…

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Chryso tempers concrete carbon factor in new admixture series

Sources: Chryso Group, Paris; CP staff The parent company of Texas-based Chryso Inc. has announced a global range of admixture products and companion services aimed at controlling the carbon footprint of ready mixed and precast concrete. Paired with supplementary cementitious materials, EnviroMix agents enable carbon dioxide emissions reduction up to 50 percent when measured against conventional concrete mix designs, while…

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GCP expedites EPD delivery through Athena Institute partnership

Sources: GCP Applied Technologies, Cambridge, Mass.; CP staff A new partnership with Ottawa-based Athena Sustainable Materials Institute equips GCP Applied Technologies to provide concrete admixture customers with life cycle assessment (LCA) details critical to environmental product declarations (EPD). 

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MB admixture halts returned mix hydration, speeds stiffening, eases recycling

bucket of admixture

Sources: Master Builders Solutions, Beachwood, Ohio; CP staff  Master Builders Solutions has formulated a new powdered polymer admixture to gel returned concrete mixes, rapidly curtail workability and strength development, then ease handling after they are dispensed from a mixer truck. MasterSuna Returned Concrete Treatment (RCT) 323 Admixture provides ready mixed producers a cost-effective tool to manage a pervasive material handling…

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Chryso, Solidia aim to drive concrete carbon factor down

Sources: Chryso Group, Paris; Solidia Technologies, Piscataway, N.J.; CP staff

A new partnership will see admixture specialist Chryso and low carbon cement and concrete developer Solidia Technologies leverage their chemical expertise to improve the sustainability performance and material properties of the latter company’s namesake precast products. 

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Packaged graphene admixture family arrives in small dosages

Sources: Nano Graphene Inc., New York; CP staff

Nano Graphene, dba GrapheneCA, is presenting Original Graphene (OG) as the first commercially available admixture series in its class, formulated to reduce cracking and increase strength in finished concrete slabs or structures. Liquid black with minimum 30 percent graphene content, the inaugural OG offerings are Concrete Admix Plus, 4.5-lb. plastic containers; Aqueous Graph2Dispersion, 1-, 4-, 10- or 18-liter containers; and, Aqueous Graph2Paste in 1-liter containers.

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Partnership ponders 3D-printed, graphene-dosed mixes

Sources: GrapheneCA, New York; CP staff

A memorandum of understanding sets the stage for GrapheneCA, a commercial scale producer of its namesake compound, to design an extruder and mixing system embedded into the 3D printing equipment of Apis Cor Co., San Francisco. Graphene is an advanced carbon agent emanating from nanotechnology and exhibits strong potential as a high-performance concrete admixture. 

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Sika names Strittmatter to top U.S. admixture business post

Sources: Sika Corp., Lyndhurst,  N.J.; CP staff

A year after joining Sika Corp. as vice president of Sales – Carribean, Thomas Strittmatter has been promoted to Target Market Concrete vice president. A BASF Construction Chemicals veteran with 25-plus years in the construction industry, he will be responsible for defining and implementing the Sika U.S. admixture business strategic direction, aligning sales, marketing, research & development, operations and logistics to meet customer and shareholder expectations. 

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Concrete densifying admixture

CDA ii

ConBlock CDA contains pure silicon dioxide dispersed in a proprietary liquid that densifies and waterproofs concrete. Against reference mix designs, users can anticipate a faster set with less bleed water and earlier strength gains, owing to accelerated cement hydration, plus higher 28-day compressive strength. The reduction in surface bleeding allows for faster finishing and a more durable slab or structure. Higher early strengths allow for faster form removal, saving time in the plant and at the job site, while reduced permeability improves resistance to sulfuric acid and other harmful chemicals.

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BASF admixture extends CSH utility to increase early, late-age concrete strength

Sources: BASF Construction Chemicals, Admixture Systems, Cleveland; CP staff

BASF has announced a first-of-its-kind liquid admixture that improves early- and late-age strength development in concrete. Dosed at up to 10 oz./100 cwt, Master X-Seed 55 is a stable suspension of synthetically produced crystalline calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) nanoparticles that facilitate growth of CSH crystals between cement grains and improve overall portland cement hydration.

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