ASTM C09 subcommittee writes colloidal silica standard

Sources: ASTM International, West Conshohocken, Pa.; CP staff

The proposed WK53768, New Specification for Colloidal Silica standard will inform concrete practitioners on a supplementary cementitious material—emerging from the field of nanotechnology—that imparts strength and durability characteristics in finished slabs and structures.

The standard spotlights colloidal silica, which “could increase the durability of hydraulic cement concrete to resist the nature of physical and chemical attack over time,” according to Jon Belkowitz, vice president of Intelligent Concrete LLC, a Freehold, N.J., consultancy. WK53768 could help practitioners create concrete mixtures that have a longer service life without compromising the finished product, he adds.

Specification for Colloidal Silica is being developed by Subcommittee C09.24 on Supplementary Cementitious Materials, part of ASTM C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates. The committee and subcommittee will meet June 26-29 in Chicago. Contacts: technical, Jon Belkowitz, 732/618-2572, [email protected]; staff liaison, Scott Orthey, 610/832-9730, [email protected].