Eco Material harvests ash, forges business and government alliances

Sources: Eco Material Technologies Inc., South Jordan, Utah; CP staff

Since an early-2022 launch as Boral Resources and Green Cement successor, Eco Material Technologies has secured its core ASTM C618 fly ash marketing and distribution business, while moving quickly on new opportunities: Harvested coal combustion ash and high value supplementary cementitious material (SCM) processing. 

Though technically not new, the former remains the next frontier for Eco Material and peer operators serving concrete and cement producers. Harvesting typically entails extraction of impounded fly ash from generating station or other power utility sites, followed by varying processes to bring material to a) ASTM C618-level or higher performance in concrete; or, b) consistency and chemical composition befitting cement kiln raw feeds. 

Representative Dan Meuser (left) and Eco Material CEO Grant Quasha led an April 2022 ceremony recognizing the hard work and dedication of the Danville ash processing plant’s employees, as well as the local and national benefits of their efforts.

Eco Material is deploying its portfolio of treatment technologies for harvested ash samples from sites across the U.S. As concrete and cement market or supply chain conditions warrant, management aims to replicate at those sites the success of a 2 million-ton Talen Energy deposit and processing operation in Danville, Pa. There, Eco Material recently surpassed a 150,000-ton Class F ash milling and shipment threshold from an impoundment identified in 2016 as a good candidate for (Boral Resources-proven) classification and treatment methods.

To mark the recycling, processing and marketing success, Eco Material hosted a mid-April Danville site gathering that drew U.S. Representative Dan Meuser (R-PA-9); staff from the offices of Senators Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Bob Casey (D-PA); plus, Pennsylvania Senator John Gordner and Representative Kurt Masser. “We are honored to welcome Congressman Meuser and other officials to celebrate this landmark achievement for our company and the state of Pennsylvania,” said Eco Material CEO Grant Quasha. “Without their support and other state, federal and local officials, we would not be commemorating this milestone.”

“My district is made up of many communities that benefit from the great work Eco Material is doing in Danville,” added Representative Meuser. “Its innovative process of transforming the waste material, called ‘fly ash,’ from coal-fired power plants into a near-zero carbon cement product is a smart and environmentally-friendly way to build America’s infrastructure. Eco Material provides a free-market alternative to other products that have been used to repave roads throughout the Commonwealth.”

The Danville gathering informs events at other processing sites where Eco Material classification and beneficiation methods will yield Class F fly ash or cement kiln raw feeds for customers or agencies inclined to performance materials and circular economy concepts. 

Ash harvesting and treatment capacity will dovetail Eco Material’s ramp up of capacity for PozzoSlag 2.0, a high value SCM extending technology that Green Cement proved in 1 million-plus tons of a first generation agent shipped to South-Central Region concrete customers. Like the original PozzoSlag, the new powder can be milled from a variety of Class F and Class C fly ash and other raw feeds. The result is a binder equal to replacing portland cement at 50 percent or greater volumes in mix designs for public or private concrete work. —

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