Master Builders tool extracts value from swelling concrete order data stream

Sources: Master Builders Solutions U.S. and Canada, Beachwood, Ohio; CP staff

Leading into ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023, Master Builders Solutions launched MasterAtlas, billing it “the construction industry’s first virtual concrete assistant.” The Software as a Service offering integrates data from multiple sources, including batch plant controls, GPS positions and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, into a singular platform for monitoring concrete production—independent of a producer’s existing sensors or monitoring tools. Combined with data analysis, MasterAtlas creates a continuous improvement platform that shows where a producer can save money while helping seize opportunities in real time.

The new platform helps extract value from incoming concrete order data in real time.

Master Builders Solutions is the first to offer such a complete solution to help producers track, manage, and improve concrete production and performance. “The construction industry is increasingly embracing digital tools, and the volume of data generated daily is dramatically on the rise,” says MBCC Group, Americas President Brian Denys. “MasterAtlas was created in response to concrete producers realizing their need to utilize the data generated from various monitoring systems.”

“MasterAtlas is a set of ‘virtual eyes,’ always watching concrete production and performance, then facilitating real-time communication amongst team members for more effective decision-making,” notes Master Builders Solutions U.S. and Canada Senior Vice President Dr. Bruce Christiansen. 

From the perspective of industry megatrends, concrete interests continue to face a shortage of new candidates to join their teams. MasterAtlas provides existing team members with virtual assistance in monitoring and communicating real-time concrete data. “We believe that this technology, combined with state-of-the-art IoT devices, will help transform the concrete industry going forward,” affirms Masters Builders Solutions Business Development Manager Joe Daczko.

Early adopters have used MasterAtlas to closely monitor special projects, train new employees, and optimize their operations. The multi-dimensional tool is providing real-time value across all functions of their organizations and has helped them to make operational changes netting substantial time and material savings. 

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