Boykin Brothers investor revives Louisiana Concrete Products brand

Sources: Louisiana Concrete Products, Baton Rouge, La. 

Precast producer Boykin Brothers is now operating as Louisiana Concrete Products, a change that reflects the company’s strong legacy and future growth under new majority owner, GKB Management, an investment and management firm based in south Louisiana. GKB will help position the Baton Rouge operator to meet the anticipated demand for precast and prestressed concrete products in the booming industrial, municipal, commercial and residential construction segments. Louisiana Concrete is likewise poised to support the state’s upcoming infrastructure investments, fueled by a projected $7.2 billion in federal funding.

“We see these infrastructure improvements coming down the line, as well as the multitude of industrial expansions happening in the state—from liquified natural gas to ammonia to fertilizer plants—and we want to make sure we’re positioned to do the best job,” says Louisiana Concrete Project Manager and Sales Team Lead Dustin Gaspard. “We want to keep as much of that work in the state as possible and employ Louisiana residents to complete those anticipated projects.” Management plans to hire additional employees and expand product offerings to serve more industries and businesses within the state, he adds.

The original Louisiana Concrete Products operation was purchased in 1997 by Connie Mack, Thomas and Michael Boykin, who renamed the producer “Boykin Brothers.” Under their ownership, the producer doubled in size to support Louisiana’s growing public and private construction markets with cost-effective and efficient precast concrete solutions. In a nod to the Boykin Brothers philanthropy, Louisiana Concrete will continue to support the “One Man Shoot” Baton Rouge Sporting Clays Fundraiser for Prostate Cancer and Awareness, an annual Boykin family fundraiser in memory of Connie Mack Boykin.

The producer has more than 50 years of experience providing customized, high-quality construction solutions. It has delivered manufactured concrete elements for essential infrastructure in Louisiana, including bridges, roads, medical facilities, commercial and recreational buildings, plus sports facilities—the latter including the east and west upper deck expansion of Louisiana State University’s Tiger Stadium.

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