Pankow Foundation revises design-build benchmark

The Charles Pankow Foundation’s Professional’s Guide to Managing the Design Phase of a Design-Build Project (Version 2.0) expands on the charter version, Design Management Guide for the Design-Build Environment, and incorporates new industry input.

The new version steers owners, designers, and builders toward successful project delivery via the “design-phase manager,” who serves in the all-important role of connecting the design and construction teams. It offers better tools for target-based design and design-schedule monitoring as well as updates on building information modeling, legal considerations, and cloud-based file management. Professional’s Guide to Managing the Design Phase also distills new topics such as specification management and fast-tracked delivery implications.

A strong supporter of high-performance concrete practice, the Pankow Foundation announced the new version at the Design-Build Institute of America’s 2014 Design-Build Conference & Expo in Dallas.