Parking facility groups team with certification body behind LEED

44-BR-GreenwayIII-300Recognizing the importance of sustainable parking facilities and practices to the sustainable community development, the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), the certification body for the U.S. Green Building Council’s global LEED green building rating system, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Parking Institute (IPI), the world’s largest parking association, and the Green Parking Council (GPC).

“Sustainability in parking is integral to building a greener future, not only structurally, but also by shaping transportation networks that support more livable, walkable communities,” says GBCI President Mahesh Ramanujam. “This agreement will also expand the GBCI’s portfolio and mission to recognize excellence in green performance and practice.”44-BR-GreenwayII-200

The three organizations will work in a strategic partnership for the delivery and promotion of the GPC’s recently launched Green Garage Certification program, which applies to both new and existing parking structures. Green Garage Certification was developed by experts from a range of related fields, including parking, architecture, engineering, technology, property management, and academia. It assesses 50 elements of parking facility sustainability, including management practices that maximize performance while minimizing waste; programs encouraging alternate modes of transportation and community engagement; and, efficient and sustainable technology and structure design.

44-BR-GreenwayI-200“Collaborating with the GBCI will result in a multiplier effect, dramatically increasing awareness of sustainable parking design, operations, and management. This is an epic moment for parking and a giant leap towards a more environmentally and economically sustainable garage of the future,” contends John Schmid, chairman of IPI affiliate GP.

“With GPC’s Green Garage Certification standards, IPI’s established focus on education related to sustainability, and GBCI’s distribution channels all working in sync, we’re enthusiastic that we can mainstream sustainable parking,” adds IPI Executive Director Shawn Conrad. “We are confident that will have a positive, far-reaching effect on the environment.”