Falling Tools Protection

iwi group LLC has added to its concrete industry offerings Python Safety products, including buckets, holsters, pouches, and tethers to the concrete industry. The Python Safety Small Parts Pouch accommodates many different sized parts, and helps prevent accidental drops with a unique self-closure “trap” system engineered from high-quality neoprene. With no buttons, snaps, or zippers to contend with, the Small Parts Pouch makes it nearly impossible for objects to fall out once placed in the bag, while making the retrieval of the objects easy for the craftsman. Small Parts Pouches are available in both canvas and vinyl variants.

Safe Bucket, a line of industrial-grade buckets designed to transport tools safely and act as mobile staging areas, are built with internal closure systems that keep tools in place during transportation. Available closure systems include hook and loop with handles, drawstrings, and zipper formats. Vinyl Safe Buckets are third-party load-rated for 180 lb. and 250 lb. Canvas Safe Buckets are load-rated for 75 lb. and 100 lb. Both the vinyl and canvas varieties include two 1-in. D-Ring attachments connected by 12-in. extensions, which act as internal tether points built into the buckets. Safe Buckets are equipped with an aluminum dual-locking carabiner load-rated for 6,700 lb.

Coil Tethers are a high-quality tether solution designed to stay out of the way when not needed. All Coil Tethers feature a vinyl coating over stainless steel braids, which make them easy to clean and equal to heat and sharp objects. Certified, load-rated carabiners allow for quick attachments to either side of the tether. Additionally, a wide variety of holsters are available to handle craft-specific tools in the concrete industry.

Holsters such as the Hammer Holster and Tape Measure Holster make tools easily accessible to workers, and allow them to be tethered at all times. A specially designed Comfort Toolbelt compliments the company’s assortment of pouches and holsters, allowing workers to customize their own personal setup in a modular fashion. Made from a ballistic denier material, the Comfort Toolbelt incorporates a built-in cushion pad, a side release adjustable metal buckle, and is available in several sizes.

Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, iwi officials note, dropped objects are the fourth largest cause of death in the workplace in the United States. There were more than 138,000 dropped object OSHA recorded incidents during the last reporting period. — 770/840-7060; www.iwigroup.com 

Packaged mix bag hanger
The new Model 1200BH automatically picks, places and fills a wide variety of pre-made bags. Suitable for paper and other types, it indexes a single bag and presents this individual controlled bag for opening and fill spout placement. Bags are picked up with heavy duty arms and placed on an integrated clamshell-style bag spout for filling. This process is a significant improvement over traditional bag hangers that pick a bag off a stack, product engineers contend. Sensors monitor a bag from magazine through placement on fill spout to ensure it is in place and ready to be filled before the product is released. Filled bags exit the Model 1200BH on a heavy duty upright bag conveyor to be presented to a bag top closing system. Any bag top closing system—sew, heat seal or glue—can be used.— Hamer, LLC, 800/927-4674; www.hamerinc.com