Angelus Block publishes first Environmental Product Declaration for domestically molded units

Sources: Angelus Block Co., Sun Valley, Calif.; CP staff

Prepared with an eye toward new green building rating system requirements, the Angelus Block Environmental Product Declaration spans a substantial set of 69 individual mix designs for products from each seven southern California concrete masonry operations, serving Central Coast to San Diego markets.

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Dry flocculent agent removes fines from concrete plant settling basins

Ready mixed concrete plants are recycling process water to attain more sustainable operation and save on discharge costs or the amount of fresh water consumed. As cement fines accumulate in settling vessels, process water becomes less usable in fresh concrete mixes due to limits on the amount of solids that can be present in the makeup water. The solids also present scaling problems in pumps, valves and other fittings in the piping systems that carry recycled water.

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Rheology modifier, anti-settling agent suits zero slump to SCC mixes

To meet demand for precast concrete with smooth surface, uniform matrix and high performance characteristics, Active Minerals Intl. has developed Acti-Gel 208, a mineral based additive suited to self-consolidating and zero slump mixes. As a low-dose rheology modifier and anti-settling agent, it provides aggregate suspension, stabilizes mixtures, and improves workability, flowability, and pumpability throughout fabrication of wet cast and dry cast products.

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