Rheology modifier, anti-settling agent suits zero slump to SCC mixes

To meet demand for precast concrete with smooth surface, uniform matrix and high performance characteristics, Active Minerals Intl. has developed Acti-Gel 208, a mineral based additive suited to self-consolidating and zero slump mixes. As a low-dose rheology modifier and anti-settling agent, it provides aggregate suspension, stabilizes mixtures, and improves workability, flowability, and pumpability throughout fabrication of wet cast and dry cast products.

Active Minerals describes Acti-Gel 208 as a hydrous magnesium aluminum-silicate milled from a process netting pure, uniformly sized, rod-shaped particles—meeting ASTM C494 Type S requirements. Dosed at 2-4 lb./yd., Acti-Gel 208 provides what product developers note are excellent suspension properties, enabling a homogeneous concrete mixture and imparting higher early strengths than conventional mix designs; reduction in bleed and mortar halo; low permeability in finished products and structures; and, quality finish. — Active Minerals International, Sparks, Md., 410/825-2920; www.activeminerals.com