Slab cure & seal

Silencure SRT provides a cuing compound and penetrating siloxane sealer in a single product that can be applied on broom finished, precast, hand or machine troweled surfaces. It works on newly placed concrete and can also be used on older unsealed concrete. Because it can be aplied to fresh concrete, it liminates the need for water or resin curing, stripping and the traditional 30-day waiting period before a silane or siloxane treatment, reducing labor as well as visits to the jobsite.

The product represents an advanced cuing and penetrating sealer technolgy that can be used on most concrete finishes. It utilizes a pure acrylic copolymer compound for curing combined with a penetrating siloxane sealer. When applied to newly placed concrete, it produces a non-yellowing clear continuous film that
effectively cures fresh concrete while providing a tough protective acrylic film to the surface. Additionally, Silencure SRT contains a proprietary blend of siloxanes that penetrate capillary pores of fresh concrete to form a silicone matrix, which effetively prevents water and salt penetration.

ChemMasters’ water-based Solvent Replacement Technology provides additional environmental benefits; it cures concrete to ASTM C-309 and ASTM C-1315 standards, exceeds NCHRP 244 standards for salt protection and will exceed 100 freeze/thaw cycles without damage. — ChemMasters, Inc.,