Nox-Crete unveils pressure form and concrete sprayers

Nox-Crete Products Group introduced two concrete form release agent sprayers last month at the 2013 Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Convention in Dallas. The Ultimate Concrete Form Sprayer and the Excel 130 Concrete Form Sprayer are specifically designed for precast applications where tighter control of release agent application is necessary to ensure maximum performance and economy.

The Ultimate Concrete Form Sprayer is a wheeled cart model with a 150-psi (10 bar), 10-gal. (38l) compressed air tank powering a 5-gal. (19l) product container with a 100-ft. (30m) extended hose. The carted sprayer has a robust steel frame and solid wheels, but can also fit though narrow spaces. The Ultimate Concrete Form Sprayer features quick-connect valves for easy product tank change out and a high-capacity Banjo liquid filter to prevent clogging and wasted time cleaning out filter. The long hose suits large area applications like precast bridge girder forms and double tee beds.

The Excel 130 Concrete Form Sprayer can be pressurized up to 130 psi (9 bar) and maintains its pressure, and effective spray pattern, for 3 gallons (11l) of product
application. To minimize leaking and maintain uniform application, the Excel 130 features a spray gun style handle with a drip-free trigger valve.

“The key to these sprayers is their ruggedness and ability to spray for extended periods at a consistent pressure,” says Nox-Crete Products Group President Michael Linn. “Many form release agents require very light application rates, and over application can dramatically decrease [their] performance. Both of these sprayers solve the problem of inconsistent application resulting from frequent pressure changes.”

They utilize a variable pressure regulator for easy adjustments to spray pressure depending on the product, site conditions and desired application rate. Both models also feature a compressed air fill valve for fast and high-pressure air filling, replacing a traditional hand pump. — 800/669-2738, 402/341-2080;