Rebar placement robot books 15-ton day on Florida bridge deck 

Sources: Advanced Construction Robotics Inc., Allison Park, Pa.; CP staff

Armed with Advanced Construction Robotics’ IronBOT and TyBOT devices, crews from Shelby Erectors recently wrapped up placement of 164 tons of rebar, coupled with the securing of 83,200 top and bottom ties, for the 53,400 sq. ft. deck of a Kirkman Road crossing in Orlando. Daily output on the 310-ft. wide structure peaked at 15 tons of bar placement, a new IronBOT threshold. 

IronBOT ready for Kirkman Road bridge deck duty.

An Advanced Construction Robotics integration partner with Reddick, Fla. headquarters, Shelby Erectors served as Kirkman Road bridge subcontractor to Johnson Brothers, Orlando-based subsidiary of heavy/civil giant Southland Holdings. Shelby Erectors was the first contractor to invest in an IronBOT and TyBOT, which automate the tedious and time-consuming task of rebar placing and tying—significantly reducing labor costs, increasing productivity and delivering high-quality work in less time than manual alternatives.  

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