NRMCA surveys producers ahead of Industry-Wide EPD 4.0 validation

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association is assessing producer data behind the Industry-Wide Environmental Product Declaration Version 4.0 (IW-EPD v4) and Benchmark Report, set for 2024 release. The new document will feature carbon dioxide emissions and other environmental impacts or metrics attending more than 100 mix designs, including air-entrained and non-air-entrained concretes plus a new high-strength category (> 8,000 psi); and, subregional benchmarks to help local or state specifiers and policymakers set appropriate carbon reduction goals for concrete procurement. 

NRMCA published the first IW-EPD in 2013, arming ready mixed producers for an environmental impact reporting era then in its infancy. The IW-EPD 4.0 and Benchmark Report will augment producers now addressing widespread adoption of reporting requirements in public and private construction. Those submitting data will be credited as contributors to the new declaration, affirming their commitment to environmental stewardship and transparency in the green building marketplace. Additional information can be obtained from NRMCA Manager, Codes and Sustainability Programs Matthew Lemay, 847/323-0413.

In contrast to the IW-EPD v3.1, issued in 2020 and covering 72 mix designs, the revised declaration will span 100-plus standard and high performance concretes. 

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association 2023 Excellence in Quality Awards program honors 21 producer members. Award recipients have demonstrated that they follow and exceed quality management and customer service principles over a broad range of activities, from materials and production facility management to concrete quality control. NRMCA recognized these producers for individual plant, regional business or enterprise-wide quality assurance/control performance at last month’s ConcreteWorks Conference in Nashville: 

  • Anderson Concrete Corp.
  • Argos USA, Carolinas, Florida, Houston
  • Bayou Concrete LLC, Florida, Mississippi-Alabama
  • Buckeye Ready-Mix LLC
  • CalPortland Co., Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon/Washington Divisions
  • Cemex USA, Florida Region and San Francisco Readymix Division
  • Cemstone Products Co.
  • Chandler Concrete Co
  • Concrete Supply Co.
  • Dolese Bros Co. Oklahoma City Division
  • Irving Materials Inc., Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee Divisions
  • Lyman-Richey Corp.
  • Martin Marietta Materials, Southwest Division
  • Maschmeyer Concrete Co.
  • MMC Materials Inc., Central, Delta, Golden Triangle, Hattiesburg, Memphis/North Areas
  • Prairie Materials
  • Preferred Materials
  • Quality Concrete
  • S&W Ready Mix Concrete
  • Thomas Concrete Inc., Atlanta, Raleigh, Upstate Divisions
  • Titan America LLC, Florida Business

The NRMCA Research, Engineering and Standards Committee opens the Quality Awards to individual operators or divisions within larger producers. A score of 75 percent or higher on multiple choice application forms, with supporting validation, qualifies for an award.