EarthCam artificial intelligence algorithm delves job site safety

Visual jobsite data has helped keep generations of construction workers safe while mitigating stakeholder risk, EarthCam notes. The firm is expanding its data science team to support AI algorithm programming and improve safety and site monitoring.

EarthCam, a specialist in live camera technology, content and services for construction interests, has unveiled a breakthrough in its artificial intelligence platform, whose latest algorithms can detect when workers are operating at height with significant accuracy. An incremental improvement in safe practices due to better awareness created by objective AI camera analytics has real potential to prevent many injuries and deaths, company officials note, especially in light of Occupational Safety and Health Administration data indicating falls as the leading case of a fatalities in construction.

New Edge Computer Vision and AI Object Detection software sends customized alerts based on predefined actions such as when people climb a ladder, work on scaffolding or operate an elevated scissor lift. Safety personnel can retrieve detailed recorded video to verify safe practices are being observed, fall protection applied, and personal protective equipment correctly worn. In-person site visits by safety inspectors can be supplemented with remote, visual validation of safe behavior.

“Detecting workers at height is one of the most in-demand, yet challenging AI models to develop,” says EarthCam Founder and CEO Brian Cury. “Our unique expertise in deploying and managing automated robotic cameras, together with advanced deep learning, will instill best practices with unbiased data.”

EarthCam continues to pioneer AI software and services that are highly relevant for the construction industry, he adds. Analytics already include weather sensor data, equipment identification and activity heat-maps. AI Object Detection recognizes specific vehicle types and AI proximity advisories are sent when workers are close to energized equipment. License Plate Recognition automatically handles access control, verifies deliveries and sends alerts to management. —