GivenHansco boards HaulHub Owners Link e-ticketing platform

Owners Link is central to HaulHub Technologies’ e-ticketing platform, programmed to securely log and deliver order data from batch plants or weigh scales to transportation agency project portals.

Software and automation solutions provider GivenHansco is collaborating with HaulHub Technologies to expand Owners Link, a two-way integration between construction material point of sale systems and state transportation agency project portals. HaulHub has programmed Owners Link as a trustworthy source of order electronic ticketing and data records for facilitating payments while adhering to federal statutes. 

“Joining Owners Link is a significant step forward in our ongoing mission to leverage technology to make business easier and more profitable for our customers,” says GivenHansco President Mike Sanders. “We believe that this collaboration will provide our clients with more confidence in the accuracy and verifiability of their data, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.”

Owners Link adoption underscores a commitment to streamlining construction industry processes and advocating for digital transformation, he adds. It will afford GivenHansco technology users to select a state department of transportation or related agency project from a certified list, thereby reducing errors associated with manual data input and significantly improving all stakeholders’ downstream reconciliation and billing experiences. Owners Link aims to standardize processes and ensure that material order e-tickets reach the correct projects promptly. By allowing a two-way data transfer, it enables an owner’s project list to be shared with material suppliers through the point-of-sale interface. The ticket can then be returned to the department or agency within moments of creation, meeting public officials’ need for secure, reliable and timely source documentation.

“Owners Link is transforming the way we manage construction records,” affirms HaulHub Vice President Corey Paradis. — GivenHansco, Gahanna, Ohio,; HaulHub Technologies, Boston,