Data scientist C60 charts ready mixed producer profitability potential

Sources: C60, Chicago; CP staff

The C60 Opportunity Platform enables ready mixed concrete producers to identify and drive profitability improvement. Launched at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023 as a first of its kind technology tool, C60 affords users an opportunity to find savings potential across their entire business with easy-to-read, actionable insights on maximizing margins and operational efficiency. Real-time perspectives and analytics equip producers to make informed decisions based on data versus guesswork.

Advanced analytics peg inefficiencies throughout a ready mixed concrete business, yielding dollar-quantified insights with specific improvement actions. Here, the C60 Customer Cost of Service module charts metrics showing sample account Carl’s as a potential drain on profits.

“We created C60 to enable ready mixed concrete producers to see the most valuable opportunities in their business in 60 seconds or less,” says CEO Ramy Sedra. “We look across materials, production, delivery and sales to see how they can do more with less.”

Company co-inventors spent decades optimizing 1,500-plus ready mixed plants in 30 countries. They developed hundreds of techniques to improve plant profitability, collectively identifying material, energy and labor savings opportunities eclipsing $20 million. Along with their programming team, C60 principals have packaged their Opportunity Platform for ready mixed concrete company principals, executives and operations managers. The software suits producers small or large as business intelligence is supplied holistically across all operations. C60 is likewise considered platform agnostic, enabling users to gain a holistic view of their businesses by pulling data from different information technology tools or systems. 

The new company is built through leveraging the expertise of lead investor, Heidelberg Materials. C60 is culmination of the global concrete, cement and aggregate operator’s vision to expand its offering to include digital solutions for ready mixed producers. Nevertheless, “C60 is an independently run company with its own management team,” Sedra affirms. “We can work with any company and do not share information with Heidelberg Materials. Data privacy is at the heart of our business and [data] protections are defined in our client contracts.”

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