Concrete screw anchors

Secure-Bolt Plus with Tanner Guard+ coating is a one-piece, heavy-duty screw anchor milled from carbon steel and suited to concrete, block, brick or stone base materials. The product is available in Button Head with Serrations and Flat Head Countersunk styles, 3/8- or 1/2-in. diameters, and 3- or 4-in. lengths. The specially designed serrated threads cut into the sides of the hole and create a mechanical interlock between concrete and threads. The serrations under the button head screw will grip the fixture, adding vibration resistance.

Secure-Bolt Plus is equal to medium and heavy-duty loads. The Torx equivalent 6-Lobe tamper-resistant drive limits tampering and theft. Tanner Guard+ offers multiple coating protection: A layer of zinc plating and two layers of epoxy organic coating exceeding 700 hours’ exposure before any red corrosion appears. — Tanner Bolt & Nut Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y.,