Tool tether

The new Gear Keeper TL1-3044 ANSI-Compliant 3/4-in. Super Coil tether suits heavy tools and instruments. It features nylon webbing construction with integrated elastic, and provides the shortest retraction length to minimize entanglement and low force extension to reduce fatigue during use. The design affords up to an 8-ft. working area for power drills, power drivers plus similar tools or instruments.

The tether’s coil system is fully enclosed in durable and ergonomically sound soft nylon. The webbing’s integrated nylon and elastic yields a long life; exhibits gentle recoil and extension to avoid arm fatigue; and, helps reduce “drop-shock” while minimizing the chances of bounce back when the tether is used with lighter items. The tether is rated for use as an anchored attachment to a fixed structure for up to 15-lb. tools. Anchoring the device in such a manner transfers the shock load produced by a dropped tool from the worker to the structure. The TL-3044 can also be used as a personal (worker-affixed) tether for tools up to 6 lbs.cuttable paragraph but keep contact tagline for above text

The Super Coil’s “fixed loop” tool attachment feature permits tethering of tools that have no other attachment point. For example, when a larger loop is required to go around a large handle like a chain saw, the worker would just slip knot the “fixed loop” over the handle. It can be also used for looping to an anchor point or to a person and using the carabiner to attach the tools. In use, the tether’s short retracted (resting) length helps avoid entanglement when climbing or working in close quarters. — Hammerhead Industries, Ventura, Calif., 888/ 588-9981