Bridge crane kits

New EMH G-Series Crane Kits include all components needed to install the manufacturer’s ZLW Double Girder Top Running Cranes, ELV Single Girder Top Running Cranes, DLV Single Girder Cranes, and EDL Single Girder (Low Headroom) Cranes. Each kit features the new EG Series Hoist with 20 feet of lift; respective lifting and trolley speeds of 16/2.6 FPM and 65 FPM VFD (optional lifts and speeds available); End Trucks with a travel speed of 120 FPM (VFD), complete with mounting plates, bolts and bumpers; Trolley Tow Arms with pipe clamps to be cut by the builder, bolted or welded to the trolley; a complete trolley and sliding push button Festoon System with all required mounting hardware; Bridge Conductor Cables pre-wired to Quick Disconnect Plugs; Trolley End Stops; and, detailed engineering for bridge construction and crane assembly, including two sets of maintenance manuals. 

The Bridge Control Panel is comprised of lockable fused mainline disconnect; mechanical and electrical interlocking contractors and motor protection; plus, power and control connections pre-wired through terminal strips to disconnect plugs. The panel is mounted in a NEMA-12 enclosure. All components are based on a 480 3-60 power supply; other voltages available. — Engineered Material Handling, Valley City, Ohio, 330/220-8600;