Producers spotlight home designs across concrete masonry spectrum

Florida concrete masonry producers revisited a March 2021 promotion to continually spotlight the potential of gray and architectural block in single-family residential building. Their March Masonry Matchup kicked off with a bracket of 16 homes posted at the portal of their Block Strong campaign. Weekly voting tallies at determined which homes advanced to brackets of eight, four and two, leading to the end of month naming of the winner: a Florida-inspired home.

Portal visitors and voters saw a host of home styles, from classic Mediterranean to more coastal motifs. The homes’ common thread, concrete masonry walls, is known for strength and durability as well as resistance to fire, storms, and termites. Many buyers might not realize that concrete block is also one the easiest and versatile solutions for the design of a new home. The Block Strong campaign is backed by Florida Concrete & Products Association members.

The 2022 March Masonry Matchup winner.