Butler Concrete optimizes diesel combustion with hydrogen, oxygen device

Sources: Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems Inc., Vancouver, B.C. 

Butler Concrete and Aggregate Ltd. of Victoria, B.C. is testing a fuel enhancement system on its mixer truck fleet with an eye to improved fuel efficiency, plus lower carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. Mounted near the mixer gear box, the Empire Hydrogen system uses electrolysis—initiated through stainless steel plate filters and potassium hydroxide—to separate distilled water’s hydrogen and oxygen, directing the gases to engine air intakes to  augment diesel combustion. 

“We are always examining operational improvements to reduce our carbon footprint,” says President Travis Butler. “Our collaboration with Empire Hydrogen shows we can make a net positive difference when we work together and embrace innovation.” Operational improvements such as diesel fuel enhancement position Butler Concrete, he adds, to offer “the cleanest and greenest ready mixed to the local construction industry, backed by third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations.”

“Our goal to provide green solutions and address the growing requirements for energy consumption makes working with Butler a great fit,” affirms Empire Hydrogen CEO Sven Tjelta. “Our organizations realize the potential that technology holds to address global climate concerns. Seeing our technology implemented at Butler reaffirms our mission to partner with industry and make our world a better place for future generations.”  — www.empirehydrogen.com

Butler will evaluate the Empire Hydrogen fuel enhancement system, mounted between the drum and water tank, over the next year and continue to align business strategy with serving the community and protecting the environment.

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