Product, mesh handling devices

Forklift attachment manufacturer specializing in solutions for manufactured-concrete producers has added two devices. The pipe clamp handler has a dual clamping mechanism activated by hydraulic cylinders, its large rubber grippers preventing slippage and damage to the concrete. By means of the clamping mechanism, the pipes are tightly held to enhance accurate placement. The clamp is adaptable, with several different designs suiting various pipe depths and wall thicknesses. The attachment can be fork or jib mounted to any appropriate forklift or tele-handler, and can rotate partially or up to 360 degrees.

“The Pipe clamp attachment has quickly become essential to our operations,” notes Remo Caruso, director of Australia’s Maddington Concrete. “It ensures a safe, fast lifting operation and avoids damage. Our team is very happy with its strong construction and ease of use, and has significantly increased productivity on site.”

The Mesh Grab Handler is engineered to transform a forklift truck into a multi-purpose vehicle that can safely transport heavy concrete reinforcement. It lowers the risk of material damage and allows the safe handling of one or more mesh bundles, enabling efficient storage through optimal stacking of bundles. The attachment consists of four hydraulic cylinder powered pincers that slot between the apertures, allowing the operator to handle bundles of the steel mesh in one single lift. Designed as fork mounted, it can be fitted or removed from a lift truck in a matter of seconds. — B&B Attachments, United Kingdom; North American representative, Lift Technologies Inc., Westminster, S.C., 888/946-3330,;

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