Nucor to add net-zero steel option to Harris Rebar stock

Sources: Nucor Corp., Charlotte, N.C.; CP staff

Nucor will make a new net-zero carbon steel available in 2022 across its product lines, including bar sold through concrete reinforcement fabrication, distribution and installation subsidiaries Harris Rebar and Harris Supply Solutions. The net-zero billing reflects the absence or offsetting of carbon dioxide emissions as measured in Environmental Protection Agency-designated Scope 1 (production) and 2 (outside power sources) stages. 

All 24 Nucor steel mills run electric arc furnaces geared to recycling scrap feeds and operating at 70 percent below the steel industry’s greenhouse gas intensity. Photo: Nucor Corp.

Nucor will report CO2-free operation by milling Econiq in electric arc furnaces running on 100 percent renewable energy. Ahead of announcing the new steel, the company and a solar array operator entered a 15-year electricity supply agreement for the Nucor Texas bar mill in Jewett, ensuring a net-zero Stage 1 profile. The producer will purchase carbon offset credits to fulfill the Econiq Scope 2 emissions equation. 

“The green economy is being built on steel, and Nucor is proving that it can be produced in a sustainable way that can help the world meet its climate goals,” says CEO Leon Topalian. “For more than 50 years, Nucor has been built on a sustainable model of recycling to produce new steel and steel products. The addition of Econiq is a logical extension to our innovation legacy.”

Econiq provides customers with confidence that they are purchasing products embodying the lowest greenhouse gas emissions signature for steel milled in North America, he adds. The product is debuting in limited quantities, with anticipated demand highest among construction and automotive industry customers. Inaugural account, General Motors, will fully convert to Econiq for all Nucor deliveries by the end of next year. —

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