Turner Construction embraces crane hook-mounted sensor data capture

Sources: Turner Construction Co., New York; CP staff

Turner Construction has signed a multi-year enterprise agreement with San Francisco-based construction technology provider Versatile to expand the use of an artificial intelligence-powered device and analytics solution that the general contracting giant credits with shrinking site equipment deployment windows and overall project schedules. 

The agreement grants preferred status and premium pricing for CraneView, whose crane hook mounted sensor array captures thousands of data points throughout a work day. Versatile software translates the data into web-based dashboards affording Turner superintendents actionable insights on equipment and crew performance, plus safety management. 

“On the construction site, cranes are the pacesetters—orchestrating and driving a tremendous amount of activity,” observes Turner Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer Jim Barrett. “CraneView brings a science to this activity, enabling us to collect and analyze data on the flow and handling of materials, production rates, and crane utilization to make continuous improvements that drive productivity and shave weeks off schedules.”

“We’ve seen proven value in the use of CraneView to inform continuous improvements that positively impact our day-to-day operations, and are eager to realize the benefits of wider scale adoption,” says Vice President and Construction Executive Kevin Stilwell. “Each project we deploy CraneView on builds off the last and the data we compile informs key considerations for future projects that streamline site logistics and construction sequencing, and aid in budgeting and scheduling.”

“Turner has long been a champion of innovation in the construction industry,” notes Versatile CEO and Co-Founder Meirav Oren. “As one of our earliest adopters, Turner’s input has been instrumental to the development and early success of CraneView, and we’re excited to extend this mutually beneficial partnership well into the future.”

Turner piloted CraneView in 2019 on two cranes at the 17-story Manchester Pacific Gateway project in San Diego. The sensor arrays and analytics provided critical insights that resulted in the early demobilization of a tower crane and 24 workdays saved. The system is presently active on Turner projects in Seattle, Portland, Iowa, and Philadelphia.

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