Customizable digital display raises Kenworth T880 driver experience

Kenworth Truck is offering a 15-in. digital display system as standard on T880 and W990 models, following a T680 premier. It provides a significant level of customization and dynamic information content, as drivers adjust views to their preferences. The display is the result of many hours of driver observation, user testing, iterative prototyping and meticulous design work with an eye to an advanced user experience. 

Users can select Minimized, Basic or Maximized Views, or customizable Favorites View. Drivers can easily scroll up and down using the standard Next Gen SmartWheel, which also puts cruise control and radio functions at their fingertips. The Minimized View shows truck speed, tachometer and standard content in the header and footer area for drivers who prefer fewer gauges. The Basic View on-screen content adds gauges, such as fuel, air, coolant and oil pressure. A simple SmartWheel scroll to the Maximized View shows additional gauges specified on the truck—such as axle temperatures, torque, air filter, and brake application—for drivers who prefer to view all featured truck information. Regardless of Digital Display viewing modes, drivers are automatically alerted in the event of any warnings or faults.

Now available in the Kenworth T880, the Digital Display is shown (from top) in Maximized, Body Builder and PTO modes. The system has nearly 50 different layout possibilities across a wide range of possible gauge sensors, along with 4,500-plus gauge view combinations, including those drivers can build into a “Favorites” view.

Mixer, dump and concrete pump truck drivers have a specific screen and tachometer mode available for power take-off engagement and operations. Once the PTO is engaged, the Digital Display provides a readout of the operational rpm. Pre-set PTO rpm speeds can be programmed into the Digital Display, at the time of order, for customers with vehicle-mounted equipment requiring multiple speeds to function. Body builder tell-tale availability and associated sounds can be programmed into the Digital Display, enabling drivers to engage and disengage their installed equipment on the jobsite.

“We met with drivers from vocational and over-the-road applications as a key part of our design process. As a result, we put in specific enhancements to benefit our vocational customers. The Digital Display will serve as a valuable tool for T880 and W990 operators alike,” says Kenworth Assistant General Manager, Sales & Marketing Laura Bloch. 

The Digital Display also enhances functionality when the truck is parked. Pressing the Exterior Light Self-Test switch runs a full System Check for a quick analysis and status summary. The Digital Display screen offers a Trip Summary view when the driver shuts off the truck for the day. If so equipped, the system can provide a Driver Performance Assessment report and coaching advice as well. A Drive Summary, which reports statistics on information such as average fuel economy, idle time, cruise control usage, plus any potential mechanical issues, also appears at day’s end. — Kenworth Truck, Kirkland, Wash.,


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