Independent rebar fabricators sustain investor interest

Sources: Argonaut Private Equity, Tulsa, Okla.; CP staff

Argonaut Private Equity has entered a partnership with Houston-based FABco, a provider of concrete materials and supplies, including engineered steel rebar and associated construction products. FABco has provided products, services and installation since 2010. Beyond Houston headquarters, it operates production and technical resource facilities in Central and North Texas, Colorado and Utah. 

Consistent with Argonaut investments, the FABco partnership is founder-led. Brothers Martin, Matthew and Mark Paul continue to manage the business as they work with the investor’s team to bring the operation to the next level. “Our competitive advantage has always been the character of our people and the strength of our relationships with each other, our suppliers and our customers,” says FABco CEO Martin Paul. “Our partnership with Argonaut Private Equity lets us build on that strength while providing new resources for growth at a pivotal time.”

“With an infusion of infrastructure investment on the horizon and the strength of the balance sheet, this company can really grow the way the Paul brothers always envisioned, and we’re excited to be part of it,” adds Argonaut CEO Steve Mitchell, characterizing his firm’s financial outreach as an example of “the right partnership with the right people at the right time.”

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