Baker Concrete, Lithko back Sika-guided 3D printing specialist

A key player commercial construction-grade 3D concrete printing technology reports significant investments from top practitioners Baker Concrete Inc. and Lithko Contracting LLC, based respectively in Monroe and West Chester, Ohio. 

Work with Sika AG has led to adoption of Sikacrete – 7000 3D micro ink, enabling Pikus 3D to map production around nonreinforced elements requiring placement of 0.5 to 2 metric tons/hour, with 15- to 40-mm layer widths and 6- to 20-mm thicknesses. Sikacrete – 7000 has adjustable set times, but baseline formulation exhibiting initial and final (movement-ready) set times of five minutes and 15 minutes.

“Being able to collaborate with these industry leaders will allow us to continue to transform concrete construction through speed of design, creativity, and the ability to alleviate skilled labor constraints,” says Pikus 3D Managing Partner Rob Pikus. Over the past three years, his company has raised 3D concrete printing capabilities through a partnership with Sika AG, the Swiss parent of New Jersey-based Sika Corp. 

“Pikus 3D is at the forefront of the industry,” adds Dan Baker, who has grown his eponymous business into top concrete contractor, with a payroll of 5,500-plus across offices in the U.S. and Canada. “For over 50 years, Baker has invested in innovative products and new technologies that allow us to build better structures and continue supporting our coworkers and customers.”

Pikus 3D’s second new investor performs conventional cast-in-place or tilt up wall, structural frame, slab, super flat floor and foundation work. Lithko Contracting has 4,000-plus team members serving more than 550 clients across 20 geographic regions. — Pikus 3D LLC, Salt Lake City, 801/766-6649;

Pikus 3D has tested Sika admixture-based mortar and inks for printing products and smaller elements ahead of research & development work on load-bearing walls and structures—applications for which are central to the Baker Concrete and Lithko Contracting partnerships.