Americast raises the bar in home generator pad design

Florida specialty precast Americast dubs its namesake precast pads for home power generators the “Rolls Royce” of their product class. “Generators have achieved an elegant look,” says Americast CEO Charles Pitt, “and we have matched it with our pads. We accomplish this through attention to detail including hand crafted/hand polished pads, which can ship the same day they are ordered. We can also emboss the Generator Dealer’s Logo permanently in the pad.”

A horse enthusiast and former opera singer, Pitt gained positive reviews through his album, “Popera,” along with competing in international polo events supporting charitable causes. “I give the same enthusiasm and artistic commitment to a Generator Pad as I do singing an aria … maybe more, because let’s face it, a concrete generator pad is not all that romantic, but it can be elegant.” — Americast, Fort Pierce, Fla.,

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