Precast tunnel rings connect to Las Vegas venue visitors

A Tesla electric vehicle fleet shuttled attendees to World of Concrete centers of activity. Bright tunnel wall paint will serve a critical visibility function while also emphasizing the absence of internal combustion engine exhaust.

Precast concrete tunnel segments’ engineering efficacy is on full display between the two sweeping entrances to the new Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall, dedicated June 8 concurrent with the World of Concrete 2021 opening. A full scale, 12-ft. inside diameter tunnel segment model offers visitors a unique perspective of the LVCC’s second, but far less visible new attraction: the Loop, built by Tesla Inc.-aligned Boring Co. and connecting the West, North/Central and South Halls. 

The $50 million, twin-bore tunnel system was built in conjunction with construction of the West Hall, whose opening was scheduled with the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show in early January, but deferred to June with the backdrop of World of Concrete, itself rescheduled from late January. The three-station (two surface and one subsurface) system consists of 1.7 miles of tunnel with an outer diameter of 13.5 feet.

Boring Co. and the LVCC arranged for a fleet of up to 62 Tesla electric vehicles to route World of Concrete attendees between the West and North/Central Hall stations. The LVCC Loop reduces a 45 minute cross-campus (West Hall to South Hall) walk time to approximately 2 minutes.