Engineer publicizes 2018 assessment of failed Florida condo tower

Sources: Morabito Consultants, Sparks, Md.; CP staff

An October 2018 inspection report offered a cautious take on structural concrete conditions at the Champlain Towers South Condominium Association’s Surfside, Fla. property: A 12-level building whose collapse in the early a.m. hours of June 24 has triggered a massive search and rescue effort for more than 100 persons. 

The association retained Maryland-based inspector and engineer Morabito Consultants three years ago as part of a 40-year recertification process for the reinforced concrete structure, per Miami-Dade County and Town of Surfside requirements. “We provided our report to the condominium association, detailing significant cracks and breaks in the concrete, which required repairs to ensure the safety of the residents and the public. We also provided an estimate of the probable costs to make the extensive and necessary repairs,” the firm reports.

“Champlain Towers South Condominium Association engaged our firm again in June 2020 to prepare a ’40-year Building Repair and Restoration’ plan with detailed specifications for completing the necessary repairs and restoration work. [By June 2021] roof repairs were underway, but concrete restoration had not yet begun,” Morabito Consultants concludes. “We are deeply troubled by this building collapse and are working closely with the investigating authorities to understand why the structure failed.”

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