Sika’s Rmax division streamlines below grade insulation

Sources: Sika Corp., Lyndhurst, N.J.; CP staff

Eyeing code-level foundation insulating performance in a 1.5-in. thick board, the Rmax division of Sika Corp. has turned to a durable, water-resistant facer on a core of polyiso, a closed-cell material widely adopted for high thermal resistance in exterior continuous wall and roofing applications. 

“Historically, the vast majority of the below-grade commercial and residential foundations required a 2-inch thick XPS board to meet an R-10 code requirement in most markets, and 3 inches of XPS for R-15 in the northernmost markets,” says Sika Senior Vice President Martin Heiskell. “Our new Rmax Below Grade product will meet the same R-10 requirement with only 1.5 inches of polyiso, which is 25 percent less material and achieves the same standard.” The material requirement reduction equates to fewer truckloads and less square foot of inventory space as measured against other below-grade board insulation options, he adds.  —  Sika Corp., Lyndhurst, N.J.,