Eagle Roofing ‘Time is Money’ app shrinks trucks’ pallet loading cycles

Sources: Eagle Roofing Products, Rialto, Calif.; CP staff

After a late-2023 soft launch of an app proven to save truck drivers upward of 15 minutes in concrete tile and component order loading time, Eagle Roofing Products is expanding its Time Is Money online reservation system to all production plants and satellite yards, Florida to California. Through the digital platform, full and partial orders are booked in advance, then built and staged in a central location prior to driver’s arrival target. 

“This platform was inspired by the need to better utilize time between the extreme peaks and valleys we experience daily in our yards. By utilizing T-I-M to provide our Customer Service and Yard Teams with advance notice of shipments, we are afforded the opportunity to pre-stage trim, components and concrete accessories up to 48 hours before pick-up,” says Eagle Roofing Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Campbell. “We are committed to providing value-added solutions that save builders, roofing contractors and distributors time and money because Time Is Money.”

Roof tile and component pick-up slots can be reserved up to seven days in advance. The scheduling system is not designed to allow customers to skip the line. By showcasing time slots a week out, however, Eagle Roofing furthers its commitment to transparency with every reservation.