Sysdyne Pioneer platform raises batch control to the cloud

Sources: Sysdyne Technologies, Stamford, Conn.; CP staff

Sysdyne Technologies presents its latest tool for ready mixed concrete producers, Pioneer Cloud Batch, as the first cloud-native concrete batch control system. Unveiled at World of Concrete 2021 as an alternative to traditional, local computer-hosted solutions, the platform brings batch software online and makes loading, weighing and mixer truck charging sequences visible to individual or multiple users. 

Pioneer Cloud Batch affords remote viewing of material flow through each ready mixed concrete plant cycle.

By logging onto Sysdyne’s dispatch portal through mobile or desktop devices, plant or quality control managers, executives and IT support staff can use Pioneer Cloud to access batch plant controls anywhere at any time to monitor batch cycles; make mix design changes as needed; and, address individual truck loading issues without interfering in the actual production queue. The technology helps speed up the batch process and reduce costs by tightly controlling the material usage.

Pioneer Cloud Batch fundamentally changes the perception of batch integration, Sysdyne officials note. Rather than following the antiquated Universal Link protocol, they add, batch controls can integrate with dispatch or enterprise software using Open Application Programming Interface. Open API eliminates traditional data exchange protocol limitations and allows users to gain more insights of their operations. The shared and Pioneer Cloud database enables ready mixed concrete producers to manage mixes, materials, customers, projects, orders, and tickets in a single place without downloading or uploading data. Inventory can be accurately tracked in real time.

“Cloud-native products focus on operational reinvention by optimizing end-to-end process performance and improving efficiency,” says Sysdyne President Jill Zhang. “The single data platform of concrete batch, dispatch, GPS and delivery management sets the foundation for real time data analysis and prediction. Together it enables a fundamental shift in how a concrete producer operates so that it can be well positioned for profitable growth in a highly competitive industry.”  —

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