Cut-resistant, lightweight gloves

The D-ROC AeroDex GPD482 18-gauge polyurethane coated work glove offers ANSI Level A4 cut protection. At half the weight of comparable materials, AeroDex allows workers to perform jobs that require extreme tactile sensitivity like manipulating small parts without removing their gloves, and is also touchscreen compatible to maintain safety while users operate electronic devices. The material is specially engineered to make hands feel cooler than comparable cut-resistant gloves, so workers are inclined to wear them through the whole job. 

“This is unlike anything people have seen before, so we encourage them to try a pair in their environment to experience unrivaled comfort with all the protection that AeroDex provides,” says Magid Director of Product Management Sarah Anderson. Lightness, dexterity, comfort and solid protection features, she adds, earned AeroDex GPD482 Best in Show honors at this year’s NSC Safety Conference. — Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Co., Romeoville, Ill., 800/203-0414;