CR Minerals pozzolan supports GCC Type IP powder offering

Sources: CR Minerals Company LLC, Fort Worth, Texas; CP staff

CR Minerals has entered an extended agreement to supply natural pozzolan as a source feed for an ASTM C595 Type IP cement, finished at the GCC Tijeras mill near Albuquerque, N.M. The GCC product has demonstrated capacity to mitigate against chemical attack on concrete, augmenting structures’ service life, and holds New Mexico Department of Transportation and Texas Department of Transportation approvals. 

“This agreement is further testament to our company’s continued growth in pozzolans and will provide a great long-term solution to the shortage of quality fly ash for the construction industry in New Mexico and northwest Texas,” says CR Minerals President Jeffrey Whidden. 

“Blended cements are a strategic priority as we look to the future,” adds GCC U.S. Division President Ron Henley. “Securing a long-term source of natural pozzolan material helps provide our customers with a product that eliminates the concern over dwindling fly ash supply. It also enables GCC to reduce our carbon footprint with a more environmentally-friendly product.”

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