CR Minerals pozzolan supports GCC Type IP powder offering

Sources: CR Minerals Company LLC, Fort Worth, Texas; CP staff CR Minerals has entered an extended agreement to supply natural pozzolan as a source feed for an ASTM C595 Type IP cement, finished at the GCC Tijeras mill near Albuquerque, N.M. The GCC product has demonstrated capacity to mitigate against chemical attack on concrete, augmenting structures’ service life, and holds…

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Hawaiian Cement has unveiled plans for a $6.5 million shipping facility along Pier 2 in Kahului Harbor, doubling cement storage capacity to 6,000 tons. As noted in a Maui News report, the project will carry into 2021 and entail construction of two 90-ft. silos, a 1,750-sq.-ft. warehouse, truck loading area, plus equipment and bagging rooms. Two new underground pipelines will connect the new silos to Pier 3.

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CR Minerals confirms plant expansion tripling natural pozzolan output

Sources: CR Minerals Co., Fort Worth, Texas; CP staff  

The largest processor of raw natural pozzolans for performance mixes and Class F fly ash substitution will invest more than $10 million over a three-year period to increase capacity at a Pueblo, Colo. operation dedicated to concrete and oil & gas grades. CR Minerals aims to more than triple production capabilities of its Tephra NP, OG and (remediated fly ash) RFA pumiceous materials. 

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