Collaboration and comment tools accompany digital ACI 318 guide

The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute has released a pdf version of Design Guide on the ACI 318 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, formatted with a digital rights management encryption service that enhances user experience through a commenting and collaboration platform. The service echoes best practices from other organizations’ digital rights management strategies and protects files by requiring a one-time Adobe Acrobat plugin installation.

The Acrobat environment supports the commenting function on the Design Guide pdf.

The publication contains comprehensive information on design and detailing requirements in ACI 318-19, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, especially relating to cast-in-place structures with non-prestressed reinforcement. Authors target a simplified roadmap that can be used to navigate through ACI 318, plus step-by-step design procedures and aids that ease and expedite reinforced concrete building detailing. Numerous design aids are provided throughout the 996-page document, along with 140-plus worked-out, practical examples illustrating proper application of ACI 318 requirements. — Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, Schaumburg, Ill., 847/517-1200;

A new ASTM International package option includes standards and test methods for concrete certification training and virtual learning. American Concrete Institute chapters and sponsoring groups that partner with ASTM International will have the opportunity to build a customized collection of the exact standards and test methods needed for ACI certification programs, including testing, inspection, and construction/specialist programs. Users have the opportunity to take advantage of enhanced exam prep with ASTM eLearning options and step-by-step video examples at reduced pricing. An online subscription allows users instant digital access to ASTM International standards and the ability to track standards and stay informed on relevant updates. Additional information can be obtained from ASTM’s Mark Axelman, 610/832-9621; [email protected].