Cemex begins global rollout of branded, net-zero CO2 concrete

Sources: Cemex S.A.B. de C.V., Monterrey, Mexico; CP staff

The first-ever net-zero carbon dioxide concrete from Cemex will soon be available in the producer’s major markets worldwide after a successful launch in Europe. A series ranging from low carbon to net-zero COmixes, Vertua is based on a geopolymer binder solution from the Cemex Research and Development Center in Switzerland. Compared to conventional materials, it has a reduced carbon footprint of up to 70 percent without sacrificing performance in finished concrete. The net-zero CO2 offering is achieved by participation in reforestation projects and related measures.

 “Vertua is clear evidence that we can transition to a carbon-neutral economy, where concrete is an essential component in the development of climate-friendly urban projects, sustainable buildings, and resilient infrastructure,” says Cemex CEO Fernando Gonzalez. 

European contractors are using Vertua for infrastructure and climate-friendly building projects, he adds, reducing their construction CO2 footprint significantly. The mix series launch follows the early-2020 announcement of a Climate Action strategy, where Cemex targets a 35 percent reduction of CO2 emissions per ton of cementitious products by 2030. Along with that enterprise-wide goal, the producer aims to reduce CO2 emissions per ton of powder shipped in Europe by 55 percent through 2030. Cemex envisions a net-zero COprofile for all concrete it delivers globally by 2050.

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