ASCC becomes first contractor group to join World Cement Association

Sources: American Society for Concrete Contractors, St. Louis; CP staff

The American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) is the newest World Cement Association Affiliate Member, bringing front-line perspective to the technical and industry organizations comprising the third of three WCA member categories, alongside Corporate and Associate Corporate. Through education and advocacy efforts, ASCC aims to empower concrete contractors to achieve success, elevate standards, and positively impact the industry. 

“ASCC looks forward to sharing experiences of supporting our members over the last 60 years with others in the [WCA] network,” says Executive Director Ray Hefner. “We remain committed to progress and empowering professionals to be more sustainable and profitable in the ever-evolving concrete industry.” In response to the growing requirement for environmental responsibility, he adds, ASCC has taken such proactive steps as a) launching a Sustainability Hotline to provide members with key resources and guidance on implementing eco-friendly practices; and, b) forming a Sustainability Committee to foster collaboration aimed at solutions for reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

“ASCC’s dedication to providing industry insights and innovation in concrete is in alignment with our organization’s core values,” affirms WCA CEO Ian Riley. “We welcome their contributions, resources, and collaboration opportunities. Together, we hope to drive positive change for members.”

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