Command Alkon, HCSS, Infotech keep drivers, contractors at social distances

Command Alkon and Sugar Land, Texas-based software provider Heavy Construction Systems Specialists are leveraging their existing program integration partnership to expand safe social distancing capabilities on jobsites. The combination of Command Alkon eTicketing Essentials and HCSS Trucking programs, available free of charge through year end, will help automate material and truck ticket collection and curtail the need for paper-based, person-to-person processes.

HCSS Trucking enables contractors to track vehicles and digitally record loads and timecards via tablet or smartphone; alongside eTicketing Essentials, it collects electronic material and truck tickets in one place. “We are happy to work in conjunction with Command Alkon to actively mitigate the impact of Covid-19, advancing essential heavy-civil construction projects while keeping workers’ health the number one priority,” says HCSS CEO Mike Rydin. “By replacing both paper material and truck tickets, we are keeping jobs safer and supporting ongoing operations in a more productive way.”

“The heavy construction community needs digital capabilities across supply chains now more than ever,” adds Command Alkon CEO Phil Ramsey. “Our combined efforts will provide a more end-to-end solution to better serve all stakeholders: Material producers, suppliers, haulers, and contractors alike.”

HCSS Trucking and InfoTech Doc Express program integration with Command Alkon Connex expedites electronic ticketing at a time when agencies, contractors and their suppliers are increasingly keen on minimizing contact between drivers, site crews and inspectors.


Command Alkon has further extended its Connex capabilities, including eTicketing Essentials, by teaming with Gainesville, Fla.-based infrastructure construction software provider Infotech. A new cloud-enabled network combines the Connex platform and Infotech Doc Express service to remove the need for face-to-face jobsite interactions and ticket exchanges between suppliers, drivers and contractors. The complementary eTicketing Essentials offering continues for the rest of 2020.

“Electronic tickets are more important than ever as federal and state agencies encourage best practices for social distancing,” says Infotech Associate Vice President of Business Development & Sales Chad Schafer. “E-Ticketing is a critical solution to make job sites safer, both during Covid-19 and in the future. Together with Command Alkon, we want to make it as accessible as possible in the field to support essential workers during this pandemic.”

“The safety and well-being of our industry remains paramount,” adds Command Alkon Business Development Manager Suzie Holycross. “We are proud to be working with Infotech to keep their essential infrastructure jobs moving forward.”

Connex offers electronic, real-time exchange of material delivery data, while Infotech’s Doc Express provides a secure, signed-ticket repository organized for easy search. Their network allows project stakeholders—material suppliers, haulers, contractors and state departments of transportation—to access ticket data anywhere, anytime via the cloud.;;

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